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NMBA - Summer Camp - Boy hitting backhand.  And a description


Summer is just around the corner, book now...

Summer for NMBA starts in June and runs through the second week of August (10-11 weeks).  Some students like to jump right in and start the training right away without the time constraints of school, and others like to take a break before they dive back in.  Either way we are ready to develop you game to the next level.

Students usually enroll for a minimum of 2-3 weeks so they can acquire the full benefits of our training methodology. 

What to Expect:

  • Live-ball hitting and out-of-the-basket fed-ball drilling

  • Technical skill development on all groundstrokes

  • Improved service mechanics, accuracy, and speed

  • Tennis specific footwork and agility training to help you better adjust to the ball

  • Point construction strategies using spin, placement, height, and power

  • Match or situational point play

  • Singles and doubles strategy and tactics

  • Proven instructional curriculum to improve the efficiency of your entire game

  • Daily goals and performance evaluation

  • Two-hour classes with high-performance coaches and hitting partners

  • One-hour of performance training daily to include - fitness, sport psychology, nutritional guidance, and match preparation

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