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North Miami Beach Academy School



To create a global educational environment for K-12 students that prepares them

for college.




To create and promote a passion-driven learning environment for young individuals

and their families by providing best-in-class coaches, facilities, programs, educators

and methodologies that will provide the highest levels of training and education.




Students come first.

The achievement of our students is NMBA's highest priority, and all decisions are

based on what’s best for them academically and personally.


Teaching is an art form.

We provide our teachers with the tools necessary to be successful. This includes

using a digital platform, based on Florida education standards, equipped with an

up-to-date curriculum. NMBA also runs monthly meetings and training sessions as

necessary to support the faculty.


Continuous learning.

At NMBA we emphasize blended learning. We push ourselves, and our students, to

learn and grow all the time. This includes introducing real-world experiences into

the classroom, teachers sharing practical knowledge and international students

bringing different perspectives.


Individualized learning paths.

One of the ways we measure academic progress is through standardized testing.

Our students complete the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) three times a

year. We then develop individualized learning paths based on each student’s data,

providing an opportunity for students to strengthen specific subject areas.


We revere teachers.

Our entire team, including ownership, administration and student services support

our teachers.


We value and respect diversity.

NMBA celebrates its rich student body from a wide range of countries and cultures.


We take student safety and security very seriously.

All of our decisions each day are made to protect our students.


We are accountable for results.

We take pride in personal accountability for the achievement of our students. The

primary responsibility of the ownership, administration, teachers, and student

services is student performance.



With an emphasis on blended learning, the NMBA School academic program engages the student/athlete in the larger global community by emphasizing that learning is not limited to the classroom.  Academic excellence will be achieved by seeking to explore, pursue and implement best practices in education.  Implementation of best practices will result in continuous changes to instruction with an on-going emphasis on individual education and incorporation of technology.  The result will create a student-centered learning environment that encourages all student/athletes to reach their academic and athletic potential producing graduates that have access to universities with the highest academic standards.


The philosophy of NMBA School academic program is to develop champions in the classroom with personalized programs and guided and exploratory learning that teaches critical thinking and life skills.


At North Miami Beach Academy, we are strong believers that a dynamic learning culture is achieved when the soft and practical skills of an individual are developed, then applied and measured within a competitive platform. Individualization, skill development, and competitive competence are at the forefront of NMBA'S educational philosophy. We value the strong connection that our school makes with its families, and are pleased to have the opportunity to share the history and vision of North Miami Beach Academy with you.

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