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North Miami Beach Academy (NMBA) - Music Class
Social Life & Community

A wide variety of activities encourage students to create lasting friendships within a global community.

Social life at North Miami Beach Academy can be very rewarding for students who want to expand their horizons. Our students are passionate about their education, talents, interests, and goals.

Each year, the NMBA school hosts a graduation ceremony, where students have the opportunity to celebrate this milestone with their classmates and the school staff. Students from around the world attend the commencement ceremony, which is complete with caps, gowns, and diplomas. The graduation ceremony is personal for graduates and families because it features inspiring statements from teachers about their experiences with graduating students.

Our students attend events competing regionally, nationally and internationally throughout the year students and parents attend many of these events.

We offer our students and families opportunities to collaborate and make friends and participate fully in the NMBA experience.

Students are invited to attend any scheduled guest lectures and/or presentations. These exclusive live events feature inspiring stories from celebrated leaders in their fields.

Symposia guests have included best-in-class world-renowned athletes, sports psychologists, photographers, scientists, an astronaut, an award-winning documentary film director, a South Pole explorer, and an environmental activist.

During the symposium, students are encouraged to ask questions, offer comments, and engage in discussions with peers and experts.

Clubs are a key part of the student experience, deepening relationships and providing students with the chance to work collaboratively. Clubs offer full-time students the opportunity to connect and socialize with other students who share their same interests, talents, and goals.

Students gather in a stimulating, inviting, safe, and secure environment, where they can engage each other and dive more deeply into subjects that interest them. Students work together on projects and activities with the guidance of experienced, dynamic teachers.

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