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North Miami Beach Academy (NMBA) - Teacher Helping Student



Diagnostic assessments are designed to provide parents, students, and teachers with specific information about what skills the student has and has not mastered. The results empower students, parents, and teachers to pinpoint, assign, and review those areas the student must master before moving on to more complex concepts.


The North Miami Beach Academy assesses five aspects of learning styles to develop a Learning Styles Profile specific to each child. The profile helps parents better understand their child’s blueprint for learning and offers helpful study tips and techniques. By understanding their child’s learning style, parents can help their children excel not only in school but also in life.

Families may request an in-depth phone consultation for an additional fee, during which a learning style coach with advanced training reviews the Learning Styles Profile and discusses how the results could be applied to a student’s individual learning goals. During this consultation, families learn how to implement data from the Learning Styles Profile to support student success in specific courses.


Our approach is mastery-based, and students need to demonstrate that they understand assignments and courses. In this light, we have developed a student-centered approach to assessment that helps us better understand each child and measure the effectiveness of our courses.

All students participate in Performance Series assessments in the first and last lessons of their English and Math courses. These assessments play a crucial role in monitoring student growth and measuring school improvement. Performance Series assessments provide adaptive content so that each learner is assessed according to their own skill levels. Students access the assessments within their course material in the Learning Management System (LMS).

In addition to providing personalized learning, the assessments give immediate feedback on students’ individual progress toward core objectives. The detailed reports also feature norm referencing to compare students to the rest of the nation. A parent summary is included.

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