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The NMBA mission is to create and promote a passion-driven learning environment for young individuals and their families by providing best-in-class coaches, facilities, programs, educators, and methodologies that will provide the highest levels of training and education. Below is information on the procedure and documentation our school needs to get your child started, and the resources they will need upon arrival.

The Admissions Coordinator will schedule your family and the potential student to meet and discuss your family’s needs and present an overview of our academic program and curriculum. Upon agreement to move forward, a full-time student must pay a registration fee to secure their enrollment spot.

Admissions Department sends all forms and applications to the parents

  • Registration Application

  • School Calendar & Supplies List

  • Welcome letter

Report Cards and Transcripts

  • Each family will supply an academic transcript from the student’s previous school.

  • High school students must send a transcript from 8th grade.

  • Middle school students must send report cards/transcripts from 5th up

  • All students must be in good standing with his/her previous school.

  • Official report cards and transcripts in a sealed envelope or by email to the Admission Coordinator. Parents must request all paperwork from the school.

  • Teacher Recommendation Letters. An English and Math teacher recommendation letter with current grades.

International Students

Transcripts must be translated, transcribed course-by-course into US standards into English


Once the tuition payment and the student’s records from their previous school(s) are received, the Admission Coordinator will create a four-year academic plan for the full-time student.

School Arrival

  • Our meet and greet team will receive each student.

  • Each student will take an entrance exam during their orientation week. This exam will help determine your child’s placement in the school’s curriculum in English and Mathematics.

  • The first week each student will be going through the following documents and presentations:

    • School schedule

    • Introduction to our teachers

    • Courses and their descriptions

    • Extra clubs and activities

    • Student’s community hours

    • National Honor Society

    • School Policies

    • NCAA Eligibility Center

    • College Board – SAT/ACT TOEFL

    • Personal Academic Goals

Grades and Feedback

Our Admission Coordinator keeps in frequent contact with students, and NMBA teachers provide feedback, making comments that address each student’s areas of strength and challenge with expertise and compassion. Grades and student progress are viewed and shared with students and parents in our user-friendly, interactive grade online book.


Let's get started...

Our Team works with you every step of the way to ensure your enrollment into the program is seamless.

STEP 1 - Select a Program

Your Account Manager (initial contact at NMBA) will meet with you and design a personalized program and pricing structure that meets your training and academic needs.  They will familiarize you with our programs and introduce you to our Coaching, Academic and Administrative staff so that you will get a better feel for our program as a whole.


STEP 2 - Meet Our Admissions Specialist

Once your program selection is confirmed you will be introduced to one of our Admissions Specialists who will assist you through the Enrollment Process (application and other documentation).

STEP 3 - Meet the Sport Coaching Staff

When all documentation has been completed and submitted, the enrollment process will be finished, and you can expect to hear from one of our Coaching Staff to discuss your child’s goals and priorities.  This will help us create a "Developmental Road Map" that will guide all sport training for your child.  This may be the most important part of the overall process as it will help our team of experienced coaches to maximize and assimilate information to your child.  Simply put, your feedback will help us train your child more efficiently.

STEP 4 - Meet Our Head of School

You will then be scheduled to meet with one of our Academic Counselors to develop and confirm the "Academic Plan to Graduation" that best suits the needs of your child.  Academic Programs can include, but are not limited to, a variety of passion driven subjects, core course programming, language programs, and arts programs, etc.

We have developed 1000's of athletes and college graduates through our programs using our proven training methods and academic models for learning.  Join our family of athletes and let us do the same for your aspiring young professional.

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