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NMBA - Afterschool Program - Players playing tennis with coach


Just starting out....

At NMBA, we offer After-School programs for those players who are looking to learn how to play tennis.  This program is mainly for beginners starting at the age of 6 years old up to 17 years old and is used as a pathway to our other academy programs.  We offer this program 5-days-a-week in 2-hour blocks from 4:00-6:00pm (check times depending on time of year).

We start with the fundamentals of athletic development teaching balance and coordination, body control, basic conditioning, and having a good attitude when in challenging situations. Our main goal is for the players to have fun learning while performing the best that they can in all the activities we have prepared for them. 

We work with different types of balls: Red, Orange, Green and Yellow; to maximize the proper learning of our students. 

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