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North Miami Beach Academy (NMBA) - Boy Serving


Push yourself to the next level this Season or Any Season!

North Miami Beach Academy (NMBA) SEASONAL ACADEMY CAMPS are designed for all levels of play.  You get to decide if you want a more competitive training experience or if you would prefer a more recreational/social experience.  In either case the student will be exposed to the same proven training methodology as we provide to our full-time students in our year-round high-performance academy program.

Come for a week, come for two, or come for an entire summer.  It’s up to you.  Look at your schedule, figure out what time of year is best for you and give us a call.  Our camps are offered in summer camps, during most holiday periods (call or email us to check for dates and times), pre-competition camps, or just weekly intensive camps for those that need a push to get to the next level.  You decide what you need, and we will help you schedule it.

Summer Camp

Summer for NMBA starts in June and runs through the second week of August (10-11 weeks).  Some students like to jump right in and start the training right away without the time constraints of school, and others like to take a break before they dive back in.  Either way we are ready to develop you game to the next level.

Students usually enroll for a minimum of 2-3 weeks so they can acquire the full benefits of our training methodology. 

Winter Camp

Our junior Winter Camps at NMBA are a perfect place to prepare for the year-ending competitive tournament season.  Or even if you want to begin a New Year's resolution early and start playing tennis for the first time, or give a holiday gift to someone, we have got a camp for you.

You can buy 1-3 weeks of camp depending on your schedule.  We recommend a minimum to 2 weeks to maximize the instruction that is given during the camps.  You can purchase a half-day, or a full-day.  See schedule below for details.

Spring Camp

It's time to get moving.  Plan ahead for Spring Break by taking advantage of our Spring Training Camps at North Miami Beach Academy.  If you have been cooped up for the winter, and want to get a jump start preparing for summer tournaments, now's the time.

Dates may vary from year-to-year, but you can come any time.  If you have questions, just call us and we'll let you know.

Pre-Competition Camp, Intensive Weekly, or Just Because...

At NMBA you don't have to have a reason to sign-up for one of our camps.  You can sign-up just because you feel like it.  Whatever reason, plan ahead and keep an eye out for our special offers throughout the year, like Black Friday Bundles where you can save by purchasing multiple camps all at once.  Come for Summer and Spring, or just for the winter, it is up to you. 


Regardless of what time of year you come, you will get the same professional training we deliver on a daily basis.

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