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North Miami Beach Academy (NMBA) - Boy hitting Volley


High-Performance Training Camps...

Our SHORT-TIME INTENSIVE TRAINING CAMP program provides the high-performance minded individual the opportunity to push themselves to the next level, using the same proven training methodology used to train our full-time program students and aspiring young professionals.

Also, players enrolling in this program will have the opportunity to play and train with our professional coaching staff, current high-performance players, and hitting partners who have been following the structure all year around. Practice matches, official match play, video analysis, are also included in this program. Academy Directors and Head Coaches will also guide our short-time players for tournament scheduling and match preparation.

After our short-timers finish their experience at North Miami Beach Academy, they still have access to continue communicating with the academy coaches for training and tournament advice.

This program is offered all year-round, so come anytime of the year and we help you develop the skills you need to perform at the highest level.  

What's Included:

  • 2 hours of tennis in the morning where players work on technique, mostly live ball skills, close and semi close live ball drills, and specific instructions following the Periodization of the semester which is prepared by our elite coaches. Tennis session in the morning is followed by:

  • 1 hour of Fitness and Conditioning regimen that includes a variety of training modalities such as, aerobic and anaerobic development through sustained low intensity activities and short duration sprinting and change of direction exercises; not to mention overall strength training and nutritional awareness coaching.

  • 2 hours session in the afternoon for tactical purposes, match play, UTR certified matches and different drills and games to teach the players how to play and win more matches.

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