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North Miami Beach Academy (NMBA) offers a variety of programming options for junior and youth players. We have programming for every level of play, from introduction to the sport of tennis, to our high-performance Full-Time Tennis Training and Academic School Year Program.  You can also choose from our Short-Time High Performance Camps or our Short-Time Seasonal Camps (Introductory).  Or even our After-School program for those players that are just getting started but love to play!!

Full-Time Academy (Year-Round Training for High Performance Players)

Our high-performance full-time program blends tennis training with fully accredited K-12 academics all in one location.  In a private school setting located on the Biscayne Bay Campus of Florida International University (FIU) in North Miami, we help develop our students' leaning skills, competitive competencies, and social awareness.

After-School Programs (Introduction to Tennis for Aspiring Players)

At NMBA, we offer After-School programs for those players who are looking to learn how to play tennis.  This program is mainly for beginners starting at the age of 6 years old up to 17 years old and is used as a pathway to our other academy programs.  We offer this program 5-days-a-week in 2-hour blocks from 4:00-6:00pm (check times depending on time of year).

Short-Time Academy (Camps for High-Performance Players)

Our SHORT-TIME INTENSIVE TRAINING CAMP program provides the high-performance minded individual the opportunity to push themselves to the next level, using the same proven training methodology used to train our full-time program students and aspiring young professionals.

Seasonal Academy (High-Performance & Introductory Camps)

Our SEASONAL ACADEMY CAMPS are designed for all levels of play.  You get to decide if you want a more competitive training experience or if you would prefer a more recreational/social experience.  In either case the student will be exposed to the same proven training methodology as we provide to our full-time students in our year-round high-performance academy program.

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