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North Miami Beach Academy (NMBA) - Gregory C. Breunich - Head Shot - Sweater


Greg Breunich, 40 plus year history, in owning, creating, operating, and managing the finest academies in the world, including IMG Academies, Evert Academy, Pendleton School, University of Miami Online High School and now Club Med Academies.  Breunich believes Club Med Academies and its worldwide locations provide a rich international multi-cultural experience.  “Imagine spending your informative years traveling training, studying, competing and experiencing the world.  Club Med Academies provides common platform, common culture, and world level training within a global venue.  No other Academy in the world provides this opportunity”.

  • Former Senior Vice President, IMG and Director, IMG Academies. 

  • Managing Partner of Bayshore Sports Associates former 40 percent shareholder of IMGA LLP.

  • Developed/managed/operated IMG Academies – the largest and most recognized successful multi-sport, training and education camp/academy business in the world. 

  • Development of the Seguso/Bassett Academy currently the Evert Academy.  

  • Responsible for formulating, initiating and executing The Evert Academy Turnaround 2004.

  • Ground up development of Shonan Sports Center in Fujisawa Japan. the largest tennis/fitness/academy in Asia 1983.

  • Direct involvement overall business plan/strategic development and implementation, new company structures, supervision and all operational activity related to IMG Academies business.

  • Created/developed/executed the business plan that transitioned the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy into a multi-sport/education company.

  • Created/developed/provided oversight of physical plant development required to execute a 500-acre growth plan. 

  • Created/developed/designed all investment vehicles as well as money raise required to execute the Academy growth strategy.

  • Created the Mountain Sports Academy in 2007 developing 71 of the finest young free riders, speed skiers, snow boarders in the world.

  • Created/founded/built all new sport divisions - golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, swimming. 

  • Founder International Performance Institute.

  • Founder Bollettieri Sports Medicine.

  • Founder of Pendleton School (K 12). 

  • Provided strategic guidance/packaging for Sagemont Online High School (private labeled University of Miami Online High School) and Virtual Sage (online educational publishing company).  Provided the roll out platform via Evert Academy and Pendleton school.  Provided strategic money raise positioning the company for purchase to Warren Buffets online education arm Kaplan.  Sagemont became Kaplan’s online k-12 program delivery recently purchased by K-12, the public online education institution.

  • Bollettieri Development Company.

  • Academy Resort Villas Development Company all associated investment vehicles and money raises.

  • Academy Park Villas, Legends Bay, Legends Cove Development Companies all associated investment vehicles and raises.

  • The Nutrition Institute, The Language Institute (previously Yazigi International Language Institute).   Positioned University of Miami as the ESL, college courses for credit and post grad provider.

  • Initiated IMG Academies consulting division, providing consulting. services around the world to various mixed use development projects in the areas of sports, education, facility development and strategic planning, market, pricing, product, etc.

  • Developed Club Med Academies business model, a Global training and education institution utilizing and delivering hi level active performance and methodology into the Club Med’s global hospitality and leisure platform.

  • Over 40 years of experience in every element of club, resort, camp, academy and education business.

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