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Sara Gauvreau is the Performance Specialist & Health Coach and focuses on Fitness, Nutrition, & Behavior Management. She has a Masters in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Barcelona and is a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Balance Training Expert – BOSU Systems and TRX. She has 12 years of experience working over 3 continents with pro and amateur athletes (juniors and adults), general population children, teens and adults.


Nutrition: Specialized in personalized nutrition education programs for youth and adults. Assisting in creating healthy eating habits for preventive care, weight loss and optimum health. 


Sports Nutrition: Special focus on research proven fuelling and hydration techniques to help professional and amateur athletes reach their optimum athletic performance. Also covered are important topics such as energy storage and usage, muscle build and repair, body composition and fat burn, recovery and preventive care. 


Fitness: Goal focused fitness training for amateurs and professionals using the ACE IFT model for cardiovascular and strength training, HIIT training, functional training, BOSU, TRX, and Yoga stretching techniques. Athletic development, coordination and agility for junior athletes. Weight loss & maintenance, cardiovascular health, improved athletic performance. 


Health Coach: For individuals who require a change in creating a healthier lifestyle – the Health Coach will assist in developing a program that includes behavior management, healthful eating habits and physical activity. An in depth analysis of the individual´s current habits and perceptions relating to food, exercise and stress is conducted to create a realistic program which can be enjoyed and adhered to. SMART goals are created for continued success and positive results.

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