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Ned Azimov - North Miami Beach Academy -

Ned has been applying Gabe Jaramillo’s coaching methodology at the North Miami Beach Academy since joining the team in 2017 as a hitting partner and coach.   


Coaching our developing students Ned's work varies from using orange dot, green dot, and yellow balls to maximize the students assimilation of information while implementing drills and exercises that benefit students at every stage of their development.


Ned has helped develop many beginning level players into intermediate level players in short periods of time.  He has a level two Gabe Jaramillo Certification, and has been in the tennis coaching industry for over five years.

Personal History:
Ned joined his High School varsity team as a freshman and competed in California. His school was known to be second ranked tennis team in the state, and in his sophomore year he managed to receive the MVP award for having the least amount of losses. His passion lies in building good tennis players, but also  believes in developing their discipline and character which are very much needed in order to compete successfully. 

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